Parent Survey

Parent Survey April 2016

88% of parents responded to the survey and we are grateful for the feedback we received.

Overall we are very pleased with the results and they give us a clear indication of areas that we are getting right. They also provide useful information on which areas we need to focus on and we will be following these points up in the coming months.

We are always keen to hear the views of parents and the wider community and it is very helpful to get feedback as we continue to develop the school.

What do you like most about our school?

  • Friendly and inclusive. Head accessible. Quality of teaching. Access
  • It’s a friendly small school where everyone is welcome.
  • Community
  • Environment. Atmosphere. Friendly. Excellent teaching.
  • The link to the nursery has helped to settle my child in quickly. The teachers.
  • The size of the school enables each pupil to receive the necessary attention and input.
  • Very friendly. Everyone very approachable. Kept informed and able to be involved.
  • My daughter runs into school with a big smile on her face. She is happy and her EI development and educational development is tangible.
  • Community. Friendly. Open. Full of positive experiences.
  • Small school with great teachers. Very impressed with new head and my son’s teach. Great website too.
  • Small, friendly, approachable, personal and good outdoor activities.
  • All.
  • Lovely, close-knit community spirit.
  • Sense of community and caring for others.
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Great teachers and staff very welcoming and inclusive. Our little one is very happy here.
  • Very caring. The boys are so happy here and we have been so pleased with the progress they have made since starting here. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Its a bit too early to comment as my daughter has only been attending a few weeks.
  • Most like the small classes. Fantastic teaching. My children like activate the best.
  • All the staff are very friendly and approachable. I feel that if I have a concern about my daughters wellbeing it will be addressed appropriately.
  • Staff.
  • Small classes. Children get more one to one.
  • Relatively small school. Caring for every child.
  • Like the friendly outside areas
  • I like everything about this school. It is a welcoming and nurturing environment for our children to learn.
  • Warm welcoming and community focused. Great staff who are highly motivated and focused.
  • Happy, well rounded children.
  • Small class sizes. Extended family feel. Good sense of community.
  • Small and friendly
  • New leadership. New ideas. Mr Bassett has made his class very engaging and my son loves his class.
  • Family feel. Great teachers.
  • Fantastic feel. Always produces well-balanced, happy, enthusiastic children.
  • Proximity
  • New head who listens

What do you like least about our school?

  • Don’t want too many new children in small mixed classes
  • Abacus – I don’t think its a good use of homework time. Would prefer more dedicated maths homework without the game element. Not used for Kingfishers.
  • Its size – ideally I would like a few more children per class. Also, more outdoor PE would be good.
  • Due to smaller size, lack of girls in year 5.
  • Homes in the area are very expensive – we cannot find one.
  • Fighting
  • More of a range of clubs and continuation of clubs that start.
  • Too many parents involved in day to day running
  • Very little. I’d like just to be allowed to spend more money on the school buildings.
  • Room for extra opportunities outside of the main curriculum.
  • Communication. Some things not told in time.
  • Small dinner portions.
  • Due to work commitments we feel we would like to take part more actively on all the schools activities.
  • Communication is still a bit of an issue.
  • Not always kept abreast of what’s going on. Have to find out by looking at the website – which is great. Online calendar is not clear and often just speaking to other parents in the morning is how I find out about some info.

Follow up to issues raised

My child receives appropriate homework for their age – The comments received for this question show that some parents think there is too much homework while others think there is not enough. Clearly we need to get more feedback about the specifics of this. This became the subject of the Parent Forum on the 6th June.

I receive useful information about school news, events and pupil achievements – Over the past six months we have done a lot of work on improving and adding new ways of communicating with parents and the wider community. We are pleased that so many parents agree but are concerned that not all parents receive the information they need. We have clarified the methods of communication and will continue to look for ways in which we can enhance what we are doing.

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