Parent Surveys

Parent Survey November 2022

We are always keen to hear the views of parents and the wider community and it is very helpful to get feedback as we continue to develop the school.

What do you like most about our school?

●  Its small and feel more personal

●  The caring, friendly environment where each pupil is known and understood

●  Such a lovely, supportive environment; kind and caring staff and lovely children

●  Family feel; encourages team work

●  Small school – friendly supportive staff

●  The size and the staff

●  Love how every child is recognised for their achievements; all strengths are recognised

●  It’s warm, friendly and caring about the whole child (not just learning)

●  The family feeling. The children are valued as individuals.

●  Friendly and approachable teaching staff

●  Passionate staff; exceptional standards; children’s confidence

●  Very caring, very approachable

●  Personal touch

●  The variety of subjects; the friendship between Miss Jones and the kids

●  Lovely outdoor site; welcoming, kind, small, lovely teachers and staff and children

●  Friendly caring and approachable staff

●  My daughter is happy at school. She has been given many opportunities to experience extra

curricular activities

●  Strong sense of community and individual care

●  Small family vibe; froiendly, always helpful

●  Excellent quality of teaching, approachable staff, lots of variety of activities/lessons; update on

progress regularly updated on Tapestry.

●  It’s homely, friendly feel

●  Small, friendly

●  Everything – the teachers & TA’s all so helpful and friendly

●  Happy and supportive community

●  Family friendly atmosphere

●  Family atmosphere

●  Community spirit

●  All the staff are really helpful

●  Teachers, head, the structure and the way my children have grown in confidence since joining

●  All of it!

●  How friendly the teachers and staff are.

●  The family like environment

●  We love the fact that the children have great access to sport and different subjects

●  All the staff are very helpful

●  Individual attention and tailoring learning to individual needs

●  That my daughter still enjoys school (Yr6)

●  That my girls enjoy being at school

●  It’s friendly, welcoming, a nice small school

●  Small community school, continuity of staff

●  Small and friendly

●  The size and the staff

●  It is like one big family

●  The feel of the school is inclusive and the bright, happy staff

●  The caring, friendly environment, where each pupil is known and understood


What do you like least about our school?

●  Too many events to attend in a short space of time

●  It feels a bit disorganized

●  That we didn’t start in reception. Wish we found the school sooner!

●  The food

●  The school dinners

●  Lack of variety in school dinners

●  That there aren’t more male teachers

●  Clubs are sometimes sport focussed

●  Ther lack of lighting outosde the school. It is very dark during the winter

●  Not enough different sports clubs

●  There is nothing I dislike about the school

●  No Forest School

●  School dinners

●  School dinners since Rachel left

Parent Survey April 2018

We are always keen to hear the views of parents and the wider community and it is very helpful to get feedback as we continue to develop the school.

What do you like most about our school?

  • The staff are friendly and organised
    Family Feel. All the children look after each other
  • The school has a lovely welcoming community focus and is excellent at encouraging children to achieve their potential
  • A place where my child wants to come to
  • Sense of community
  • Sense of community within the school. Feel I can approach the teachers with my concerns
  • I love the fact that the school understands the needs of children, emotionally as well as academically
  • Family orientated, very approachable and strong teachers, lots of variety
  • Very structured learning
  • The small number of pupils and community feel
  • Small size of school, sense of community, activities, the outdoor areas and space
  • We really appreciate the way they are taught at the school
  • Very close knit and always an excellent atmosphere
  • There have been many positive changes in the school since Mrs B started. A strong sense of community responsibility and accountability. In addition, a significant element of competition, focus on sport, praise for achievement and team spirit ethos.
  • Communication between parents and staff is excellent, any concerns or issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. School events are well organised and managed.
  • Friendly, lovely atmosphere.
  • Children are nurtured, have fun whilst learning.
    Practically perfect in every way! Lovely family feel. Kids totally love it here!
  • Warm, happy learning environment.
  • Accessibility of staff and very child centred and the PE.
  • Fantastic staff! Children and very well cared for.
  • All the children know each other and are caring.
  • Friendly and all round attention to detail.
  • Progress updates help us know what *** is working on which means we can help also.
  • Small village school.
  • KB!
  • Family approach/feeling
  • How close and friendly all the parents and staff are, everyone is always approachable and smiling.
  • Small class sizes and the way the children of all ages mix/play together
  • My child feels safe and is happy. Teachers.
  • It’s size and community feel
  • Everything
  • Small number of pupils. Family feel
  • Openness and kindness to children. Strong head and teachers. Fantastic teaching. Great communication if any problems and good follow-up.
  • Friendly staff. My children love attending.
  • Small community school. Small classes.
  • Superb teachers. The head of the school gets children, but also understands people. The school feels like a team. Small details have been picked up which has positively impacted *** learning in class
  • That the teachers know individual children and the lovely community feel.
  • Good local school, excellent teaching
  • Friendly staff and the size
  • A welcoming environment where my children thrive in their learning and are happy
  • The progress it’s made, spirit, inclusiveness, locality
  • The community feel
  • Sports activities


What do you like least about our school?

  • Too many things to attend.
  • No-one in the office at drop off and pick-up.
  • I have nothing negative to say!
  • Too much homework.
  • Not in my village!
  • Need more clubs.
  • Lack of diversity, not using green space enough.
  • Many kids look a bit scruffy and playground behaviour could be better.
  • The website is tricky to find daily activities.
  • Not enough footy!
  • Competitive sports could be increased. Communication could be more prompt at times.
  • Ironically its the size, the low number can be limiting at times – a double-edged sword.
  • It’s not on at the weekend.
  • Communication could be better, although improving. more notification on after school clubs/photograph day, sports festivals etc. – can sometime be last minute. Minecraft.
  • A very few occasions communication with myself has been limited.
  • It’s 6 miles away! Otherwise, nothing I dislike.
  • Perceived auto-progression to East Bergholt High School perhaps – would be keen to keep in mind other options.
  • There really isn’t anything I dislike.
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