From September 2020, PSHE is a statutory subject in the National Curriculum. Our PSHE and Citizenship programme (which is covered through the curriculum and our wider provision) includes teaching and learning within the following strands and themes:

-Myself and My Relationships


-Economic Wellbeing

-Healthy and Safer Lifestyles

Within these themes are different units of work which will be taught on a two year rolling programme. We have added the curriculum frameworks at the bottom of this page, showing what the children learn at each stage of their primary education and how this links to the wider curriculum for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education.

Relationships and Sex Education

In school we aim to help children to learn to respect themselves and others and move safely from childhood, through adolescence, into adulthood. As part of this work, we deliver an ongoing programme of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). We believe that by working in partnership with parents we can encourage children and young people to make healthy choices as they grow and change.

RSE has an important part to play in learning about emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up.  It enables young people to develop the essential life skills for building and maintaining positive, enjoyable, respectful and non-exploitative relationships. It also supports learning about identity and the importance of staying safe, both physically and emotionally, including on and off line.  

Our programme of learning, which follows the Cambridgeshire Units of work, is delivered on a 2 year cycle.  The teachers deliver these units as soon as the children arrive in school and these continue to be taught until the end of secondary school. There is more information on our programme inside the leaflets at the bottom of the page.

Primary and Secondary School: Parent Information leaflets

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