Arts Week – Day 4

Today Kingfishers and Woodpeckers joined together again to produce the foreground and background for their final group piece. They used sponges and paintbrushes to print and dab sky and bush patterns using different colours. This afternoon they have looked at a variety of paintings by Gainsborough and answered questions as a group by thinking about the context of the paintings and the people in them.
In the Swans class, the children worked on the ‘Stop Motion’ Animation App to re-tell the story of the Constable family.
Using Plasticine, the children made little models of the Constable family and using photographs of Flatford Mill, the children took a series of stills, making subtle movements to the characters each time they took a photograph.
When these series of photographs were played (using Stop Motion) it created an animated film. Owls class finished working on their writing and collages.

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