Books For Schools

Following the success of the spring campaign in the Ipswich Star and East Anglian Daily Times, Sports Equipment For Schools, the newspapers are now  planning an equally exciting Autumn campaign which will see them give away over £20,000 worth of new books to primary and junior schools across the region. We have now registered for the ‘Books For Schools’ campaign and we need your help. Every day there will be tokens in the East Anglian Daily Times (two on Saturday) and Ipswich Star. Tokens start appearing from Monday 1st October 2018 to Saturday 8th December 2018. EVERY school that collects a minimum of 1,000 tokens will receive £100 worth of books whilst the top four (as an average to pupils) will win £2,500 worth each (there’s over 700 titles to choose from). There will be a collection box in the Reception area for you to post your tokens. Thank you for your support.


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