Forest Fun

The children were excited for the start of Forest Fun sessions in the schools wildlife area. The children played 123 where are you? And they had to use their listening ears. The children remembered that they had been learning about bugs in class and Miss Jones talked to them about an activity they would be doing. The forest had bug cards hung around and the children were given the task of finding the cards and marking them off on their chart. The children looked all around the forest, recognising the bug and marking it off on their chart as instructed. There were 19 cards hung around and the children had to try and find them all. The children succeeded in finding most of the bug cards and they were able to give them to Miss Jones once collected and put them in the correct groupings. After the activity some of the children explored the forest, making fairy homes or bug homes using the twigs, bark and leaves that they found and some of the children coloured in some mini beast pictures. The children all told Miss Jones that they had had a lovely time and wanted to come back again next week!

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