Pots of Potatoes

The children were very excited to ‘dig’ up their potatoes today. The children listened to instructions given to them on which potatoes to keep and which to discard and then they rummaged around the soil looking for potatoes to put into their bowl. They knew to discard the green ones and the small ones and did a very good job at finding all of the right sized potatoes. They helped put the potato leaves and seed potatoes into the compost bin. With support the children were able to weigh their potatoes and understand that they would be measured in grams. They used the number line to write the weight down on their sheet. The children then counted their potatoes and with support were able to count to the higher numbers. The children washed and scraped the potatoes they had harvested ready to be steamed. The children listened to instructions and were able to clean the potatoes. When the potatoes had been steamed the children had the opportunity to taste the different varieties they had grown. The children recorded their likes and dislikes on a grid. The children took a bag of potatoes home for their family to try, we hope¬†they enjoyed them!

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