Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Thursday 4th July was the turn of The Woodpeckers to share their work from the half term. They shared their Literacy learning about fables and some children read their fables. Then they based the rest of their assembly on teaching a moral to the rest of the school. The children used their Science learning and explained what global warming was. They did this by being the sun, the earth, the atmosphere and the green houses gases. The children explained how us humans are not helping our planet and need to change! The children shared their posters about how we can reduce energy waste, reuse things again and again and recycle items to help conserve energy. Then the children looked inside their own packed lunch boxes to show what waste was inside. They found empty juice cartons, crisp packets and cling film amongst all the waste we throw away every day! The children came up with some alternative ideas on what they could put into their lunch boxes to help reduce waste such as putting sandwiches in containers to be washed out and used again instead of cling film and buying bigger packets of things to share out every day instead of lots of packets from a multi pack. The children then sang a song about recycling. The moral of their assembly was to encourage everybody to reduce, reuse and recycle! Well done Woodpeckers!

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