Visit to the Vets

The Kingfishers class went to visit Penrose Veterinary Surgery in the village to consolidate their learning about pets. The children were shown around the surgery and met the staff and JB the tortoise. The children were shown some x rays of animals and they had to guess what was wrong with them. One x ray showed a dog which had swallowed a mobile phone. The children were able to stoke JB the tortoise and learnt some interesting facts about the tortoise. We had to guess the weight of the tortoise and Olivia guessed right winning a lovely painting book. The children also took their own cuddly animal to the vets. The vet and veterinary nurse asked the children what was wrong with their pet and also put a bandage on the affected area. The children used a stethoscope to listen to their pet’s heartbeat¬†to make sure they were breathing. The children had lots of fun and enjoyed their visit to the vets. Thank you to the staff at Penrose Veterinary Surgery for letting us visit.


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