Big Schools Birdwatch

The children sat with Miss Jones, engaged and ready to learn about, and discuss the Big Schools Birdwatch. They talked about the different birds we see and the important role they play in our society. The children then followed instructions given to them and put on their coats and picked up a clipboard with the bird checklist on. The children were able to recognise some of the birds on the check list such as the robin, the blue tit, the pigeon and the magpie. They then walked quietly to the wild area and were given the task of ticking off the birds that they saw on their bird list. They sat down looking for birds and they understood that they needed to be quiet so as not to scare the birds away. They looked high and low and they spotted seagulls, wood pigeons and blue tit. Back in the classroom the children helped Miss Jones to put the data they had collected on to the RSPB website. Great bird spotting Kingfishers.

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