Chinese New Year

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Geography, Kingfishers, Religious Education

On Monday 12th February the children celebrated Chinese New Year. The children listened to Miss Jones as she talked about the Chinese New Year. They took part in different activities – making lucky red envelopes, making Chinese dragons and colouring in dragon pictures. Great work Kingfishers.  

100 Days of School Celebrations

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Kingfishers, Maths, School Events

Florence told Miss Jones that we had been at school for 100 days and found number 100 on the hundred square and wrote number 100. The children came to school in their 100 Day T- shirts and outfits. To celebrate our 100 days of school, Laura the school cook baked us a lovely cake! Thank […]

Toy Museum

by | 2 Feb 2024 | History, Kingfishers, Parents

The children welcomed their family members to Kingfishers Toy Museum. The children took on the role of tour guide. The children showed their family member around the toy museum. Thank you for coming the children really enjoyed showing their visitors around the toy museum.


by | 2 Feb 2024 | Design Technology, Kingfishers, News

This half term in Design Technology the children have focused on Puppets. The children have learned how to join fabrics together using different methods. The children learned how to pin, staple and glue two pieces of fabric together. The trickiest method was using safety pins, the easiest joining technique was glueing but the most effective […]

Farmer James

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Design Technology, Geography, Kingfishers, Visitors

The children were very excited to see the tractor arriving at school. They went out to see the tractor and Farmer James. Farmer James talked to the children about his tractor and about what he does on his farm. The children were able to answer questions that the farmer asked. The children were very well […]

Clay Animal Sculptures

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The Reception children became ‘artists’ and thought about the question – Can we begin making a 3D clay sculpture using the designs created last lesson? The children listened to the instructions and explored the clay. The children were asked to create an animal sculpture using their own designs. They looked at their designs and set […]

Not a Stick

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Forest Schools, Kingfishers

The children enjoyed another ‘Forest Schools’ session with Mrs Martin, Miss Jones and Mrs Clark. The children got changed into their outside clothes and headed out to the Forest Fun area. The session was focused around the story ‘Not a Stick’. Mrs Martin read the children the story. The children were then given a challenge […]

RSPB Bird Watch

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Forest Schools, Kingfishers, Science

The children became bird watchers and went into the Forest Schools area to see what birds they could see and to count how many. They spotted a Bullfinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Robin, Wren, Pigeon, Seagull and Blackbird. They completed an RSPB check sheet and the results will be uploaded for the Big Bird watch. […]

Spider Sculpture

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The Year One children became ‘artists’ and thought about the question – Can we plan and create a sculpture as a class? The children were introduced to the artist Louise Bourgeois and the Maman sculpture made from bronze. The children were asked to give adjectives to describe the sculpture. (The sheer scale of the giant […]

Tree of Life Sculptures

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The children in Kingfishers class thought about the question – Can we apply paper-shaping skills to make an imaginative sculpture? The children were asked to look at the 3D art on the board. They were then asked to pick one element from the model and re-create their chosen section using a technique learnt last lesson, […]

3D Drawing

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

In their art lessons, the children continued focusing on Sculptures and 3D. Recently, the children became ‘artists’ and thought about the question – Can we shape paper to make a 3D drawing? The children continued to look at the work of the artist Samantha Stephenson. They were asked to show each other how they could […]

Sculptures and 3D Creation Station – Play Dough

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The children became ‘artists’ and thought about the questions – Can we explore playdough and its properties? Can we use tools safely and with confidence? The children started the lesson with a ‘Dough Dance Party’ manipulating the clay in time to music. Mrs Clark put on some funky music and they listened to her instructions […]