Design Technology

Fresh Lemonade

by | 7 Jul 2022 | Design Technology, Kingfishers

The children worked together to make lemonade. The children listened to the instructions and washed their hands ready to start. The children were able to follow the instructions by looking at the photographs. The children were able to use the squeezer to make lemon juice. They mixed the sugar into the lemon juice and watched […]


by | 6 Jun 2022 | Design Technology, Environment, Kingfishers, News, Science

The children were very excited about digging up the potatoes and seeing how many they got. The children dug through the soil with their hands collecting the potatoes. The children had to look carefully to make sure they hadn’t left any. With support, the children were able to weigh their potatoes and understand that they […]

Bread and Butter

by | 6 Jun 2022 | Design Technology, Kingfishers

The children in Kingfishers Class became bakers. The children put on their aprons and washed their hands. They discussed why they needed to wash their hands and why they shouldn’t touch anything while they were cooking. Miss Jones and Mrs Clark spoke to the children about the recipe and the children were able to say […]

Travel and Transport

by | 5 May 2022 | Design Technology, Kingfishers, News, Science

This half term in Science the children have been exploring materials. The children were asked to make a boat using suitable materials – which they explored last week. The children selected the materials they needed and got busy creating their boats. The children tested their boats to see if the materials they selected were suitable. […]

Cooking and Manners

by | 2 Feb 2022 | Classes, Design Technology

Mrs Martin has been working with groups of children developing their cooking skills and table manners. The children made sandwiches and cakes. They weighed the ingredients, mixed, cut and grated different food items. The reception children practised their  table manners and how to sit at the table correctly. They made food items out of play […]

Fantastic Fire Engines

by | 10 Oct 2021 | Design Technology, Kingfishers

The children have really enjoyed being designers this half term. They have learned how to design, make and evaluate their product. The children were given the challenge of building their own fire engine. The children were able to use tools safely and decide what they needed to create their fire engines. Great fire engines, Kingfishers.

Wheels, Axles and Chassis

by | 9 Sep 2021 | Design Technology, Kingfishers

This week the children became designers again. The children were asked to explore wheels, axles and chassis. The children were able to explain what wheels, axles and chassis were. They also created their own prototypes to show different ways of attaching wheels, axles and chassis. They children picked their favourite one by testing it first. […]

Pirate Pete’s Sandwich

by | 5 May 2021 | Design Technology, Kingfishers, News

The children were tasked with designing a sandwich for Pirate Paddy’s lunchbox, which they made last week. They discussed what fillings could go into sandwiches and what type of bread they could use. They thought about whether they were making healthy choices for Pirate Pete. The children got busy designing their sandwich. They labelled what […]

Rock Pools

by | 4 Apr 2021 | Art & Design, Design Technology, Geography, History, Kingfishers

This half term, the children in Kingfishers Class are thinking about the question ‘ Why do we love to be beside the seaside?’ The children have been looking at seaside towns in the UK. They have been learning about the coming of the railways and the history of the seaside holidays. They have learnt about […]

Slavery and Sewing in Swans

by | 4 Apr 2021 | Design Technology, History, Swans

This term,  the children are learning about Thomas Clarkson and his contribution towards the abolishment of slavery. This week, in Art, the children learnt about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a term used for a network of people, homes, and hideouts that slaves in the southern United States used to […]

Building Rooms for the Titanic

by | 12 Dec 2020 | Design Technology, History, Swans

As part of our half term topic based on ‘The Titanic’, the Swans children started to construct their Titanic rooms. Lots of Design and Technology skills were used – including using the saws!  

Cooking Club

by | 2 Feb 2020 | Design Technology, Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers

The children were ready for their next cooking club session. The children listened carefully to instructions, washed their hands and put an apron on. This week the children made potato salad and jam swirls. They practised their cutting, mixing and spreading skills. Great cooking, we hope they were tasty!