This half term in Design Technology the children have focused on Puppets. The children have learned how to join fabrics together using different methods. The children learned how to pin, staple and glue two pieces of fabric together. The trickiest method was using safety pins, the easiest joining technique was glueing but the most effective joint technique was stapling. The children designed a template based on a character from Little Red Riding Hood. They cut out and joined their fabric pieces to fit together perfectly like a sandwich. Miss Jones demonstrated how to staple, pin or glue close to the edge to allow enough space for a hand but not too close to spoil the edges. The children joined their fabric using their preferred technique. They were asked to look back at their designs and add further details. The children were asked to consider what materials they would use for each part of their design and how they would join each item to their puppet. They then got busy embellishing their puppets. Great puppets Kingfishers.


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