Observational Drawings

by | 11 Nov 2021 | Art & Design, Science, Swans

The Swans have being doing observational drawings of migratory birds. This week we used magnifying glasses to look closely at the colour and texture of the feathers. We then used watercolour paints to paint over our sketches. The children used a variety of drawing media such as biros, sketching pencils and handwriting pens.  

Poppy Appeal

by | 11 Nov 2021 | Fundraising, Kingfishers, Owls, Swans, Woodpeckers

Thank you all so much for your generosity towards the 2021 Poppy Appeal.  Your contributions raised £169.40 for this worthy charity.  

Cross Country

by | 11 Nov 2021 | Owls, PE, Swans

On a very warm, but windy day in late October, 8 children represented the school in a cross country festival at the Royal Hospital School. Everyone did their best and our top girl came in 33rd! Well done to everyone!

U11 Girls / Boys Football

by | 11 Nov 2021 | Owls, PE, Swans

On Thursday 7th October and Thursday 14th October, several children from KS2 took part in an U11 Football tournament at Whitton Sports Centre. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience; great team spirit was shown and our wonderful girls’ goalkeeper was awarded the fair play award on the day. .    

Water Colour Cards

by | 10 Oct 2021 | Art & Design, English, History, Swans

The children made war time thank you cards for The Shed and invitations to a ‘war time tea’ for the elderly in the village! They use watercolours and aged the card with tea!!

World War 2

by | 10 Oct 2021 | History, Swans, Trips, Visitors

The Swans had a fantastic trip to Ipswich Museum where they took part in activities linked to life in WW2. After that, we went to ‘The Shed’ for an evacuee lunch! Whilst we were there, the photographer from the Ipswich Star came and took lots of lovely photos which should appear in an article later […]

Writers Workshop

by | 10 Oct 2021 | English, Swans, Visits

Swans recently had a visit from a published author, Lauren North.  She delivered a workshop where she demonstrated how a book starts with a blank page and ends up as a published novel. Lauren spoke about her own journey as an author; her perseverance with rejection and how important it is to have faith in […]

A Day Out in London!

by | 10 Oct 2021 | History, Music, Owls, Swans, Trips

On Wednesday 30th September, Owls and Swans took the coach to London to visit the Maritime Museum at Greenwich (the children were fascinated by Nelson’s bloodstained uniform!)  and then onto see the new Andrew Lloyd Webber – Cinderella. Everyone had a great time and thank you to all who organised the visit and accompanied us […]

A Sense of Mass in Art

by | 10 Oct 2021 | Art & Design, History, Swans

The Swans have been learning how to use contour lines to create a sense of mass in art. They then applied different tea/coffee mixes over different media such as wax crayons and handwriting pens using a feather!

WW2 Blitz Art

by | 9 Sep 2021 | Art & Design, History, Swans

The Swans have been learning about the artist Henry Moore. They experimented with different media trying to replicate his style. Media such as wax crayons, water soluble pencils, watercolour paint and Hb sketch pencils were used to create the sense of fear and anxiousness the people in the underground tube stations would have felt during […]

Mind Mapping

by | 9 Sep 2021 | English, Swans

As part of their writing, Swans children created mind maps to represent different parts of the story, this was to help them organise their work.  They used watercolour paints to illustrate the different emotions Olive (the main character of the story) was feeling at different points of the story.

Lampshades in Science!

by | 9 Sep 2021 | Science, Swans

In science, the swans used varying transparencies to design a lampshade. They had to consider the materials they used and the effect they would have.