A Miracle in Town

by | 1 Jan 2022 | Kingfishers, School Events, Woodpeckers

The children in Kingfishers and Woodpeckers Class performed A Miracle in Town to a packed audience in Stratford St Mary church. The children had lots of fun entertaining the audience with their version of the nativity and were in good voice singing the fun songs. Well done to all of our children – you were […]

Poppy Appeal

by | 11 Nov 2021 | Fundraising, Kingfishers, Owls, Swans, Woodpeckers

Thank you all so much for your generosity towards the 2021 Poppy Appeal.  Your contributions raised £169.40 for this worthy charity.  

Badminton Festival

by | 11 Nov 2021 | Owls, PE, Woodpeckers

On Wednesday 20th October, several from Woodpeckers and Owls took part in the Badminton Festival. They had a great time taking part in all the different activities and thank you to our Year 6 leaders for helping them on the day.

Stone Age Pottery

by | 10 Oct 2021 | Art & Design, History, News, Woodpeckers

This half term, the children in Woodpeckers class have enjoyed learning about The Stone Age. In Art we have looked at Stone Age cave art, drawings and pottery. This week we made our own Stone Age pots and bowls and used natural objects to help make patterns on them. We used our finger nails, sticks, […]

Stone Age Cave Art

by | 10 Oct 2021 | Art & Design, History, News, Woodpeckers

This half term the children in Woodpecker class have been learning about The Stone Age. In Art, we have been looking at prehistoric cave art. Stone age cave art consisted mainly of hunter gatherers, bush men and animals. The children used tracing paper to help them draw some outlines of prehistoric animals and hunters for […]

Sports Day – Woodpeckers and Kingfishers

by | 7 Jul 2021 | House Groups, Kingfishers, Parents, PE, School Events, Woodpeckers

Sports Day happened at Stratford St Mary on Monday 19th July – with Woodpeckers and Kingfishers events taking part in the morning.  The children competed in their houses and took part in 5 events – standing long jump, chest throw, sprint, fun run and target game.  Great fun, great team spirit and great attitudes were […]

Pouring Punch

by | 7 Jul 2021 | Maths, Woodpeckers

Year 3 have been learning to measure volume and capacity. The children followed Mrs Sadler’s recipe to chop fruit and measure juices to create a delicious fruit punch. Yummy!

Marshmallow Models

by | 7 Jul 2021 | Maths, Woodpeckers

The Year 2s in Woodpeckers have been learning all about 3D shapes this week in Maths. We are able to describe the shapes using mathematical language such as faces, curved surfaces, vertices and edges. We built shapes using a variety of materials, including straws to represent edges and marshmallow to represent vertices! We also made […]

Woodland Wands

by | 7 Jul 2021 | Art & Design, Science, Woodpeckers

Year 2 created our very own magic wands in our woodland area. We decorated a stick using something small, something magical, something given, something special, something pretty and something fragile – all collected from the nature area. It was a spellbinding experience and we all feel a little more connected to the magic of nature!

A Railway Exhibition!

by | 6 Jun 2021 | Art & Design, News, Woodpeckers

Our topic this term in Woodpeckers Class is ‘Victorian Transport’. We had the chance to attend an art exhibition on the history of trains, which was set up in the quad. We were able to ask questions about, and give our opinions on famous artwork. We are using the gallery as inspiration for our own […]

Crossing the Pit!

by | 6 Jun 2021 | Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Class participated in team work and problem solving games to illustrate what happens when we encounter ‘the pit’. The pit is a metaphor for the hard work that must happen when we do not know something in class. Good learners know that they can pull themselves out of the pit by working as a […]


by | 6 Jun 2021 | Environment, Science, Woodpeckers

Across the school this week, our classes have been completing a BioBlitz. Children attempt to identify as many species of plants, trees, insects and animals around the school grounds as possible. Woodpeckers Class turned over logs, peered through magnifying glasses and ventured into thick hedgerows on their search. We found a Portugese millipede, a European […]