Mrs Bilner

School Disco

by | 3 Mar 2024 | News

On the Friday 15th March, the PTA organised a disco for the school children. The children looked fantastic dressed in their party clothes and danced along to music both old and new! Thank you to the PTA for organising the event and to all who helped out on the day.

Water, Nutrients and Gummy Bears

by | 3 Mar 2024 | News

In Science, the children have been learning about how water and nutrients get absorbed into the bloodstream. They carried out an investigation to see what happened to gummy bears when placed in different liquids. There were some interesting discoveries!

The Boy at the Back of the Class

by | 3 Mar 2024 | English, Geography, Swans, Trips

The Swans had an amazing time in Cambridge yesterday. The Boy At The Back Of The Class was incredible; the children loved it and it really did serve to embed all they had learnt about migration in their previous Geography/English topic. We also took time to look at the beautiful buildings around Cambridge – in […]

Heart & Circulatory System

by | 2 Feb 2024 | News

The Swans have been learning all about the heart and the circulatory system. We started by looking at the structure of the heart and then ‘acted out’ the blood flow through the human  body. After that, the children had the opportunity to dissect the heart so they could see the chambers, vessels and valves. Those […]


by | 2 Feb 2024 | English, Science, Swans

The Swans have been writing reports about Owls in English this term. To enhance their learning, we have been dissecting owl pellets! There were some interesting discoveries!  

Still Life Images

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Art & Design, Swans

In art, The Swans have been using oil pastels to create Still Life images. They worked hard on building up the layers to deepen the tone of their work as well as blending colours together to create depth and tone.

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Science, Swans

The Swans have been learning about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by Natural Selection. Using different sized tweezers and tongs and a variety of seeds, they had to work out which finch lived on which island. They learnt that the smaller finches with the small beaks fed on small seeds and the ones with […]

Still Life in Swans

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Art & Design, Swans

The Swans have begun their drawing unit: Still Life.  This week we were drawing using charcoals. We looked at how shading can create depth to a drawing as well as proportion and space.  They used white chalk to show the light reflecting off their object. Their work was extremely impressive!

Young Voices 2024

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Extracurricular, Music, News, Owls, Swans, Visits

On Friday 19th January, 20 children from Owls and Swans joined nearly 8,000 children from around the country, at the O2 arena, to take part in the Young Voices concert. The children performed with professional artists, including Urban Strides, Natalie Williams and Nandi Bushell. The children behaved wonderfully, performed flawlessly and were a real credit […]

Wooden Reindeers!

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Design Technology, Forest Schools, Swans

The Swans had a great afternoon outside making their reindeers. They also learned how to strike sparks to create fire. Thank you Mrs Martin for all your help.

Christmas Forest Fun

by | 12 Dec 2023 | Forest Schools, Owls

On Monday 11th December, the Owls class took part in a Christmas-themed Forest School session. The children got to take part in many activities such as den building, fire lighting and making smores. They also got to make Christmas wreaths and wooden reindeer decorations, sawing the wood themselves. The children showed great perseverance in the different activities and […]

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

by | 12 Dec 2023 | News, Science, Swans

The Swans have been learning about William Kamkambura and how he harnessed the wind to create electricity for his village in Malawi. They were then set the challenge to create a windmill that could lift a small bucket of marbles! The classroom was full of excitement as they watched their windmills in action!