100 Days of School Celebrations

by | 2 Feb 2024 | Kingfishers, Maths, School Events

Florence told Miss Jones that we had been at school for 100 days and found number 100 on the hundred square and wrote number 100. The children came to school in their 100 Day T- shirts and outfits. To celebrate our 100 days of school, Laura the school cook baked us a lovely cake! Thank […]

Money Sense Workshop

by | 4 Apr 2023 | Kingfishers, Maths, Visitors

The children in Kingfishers class took part in a money sense workshop provided by NatWest. The workshop was called Super Smoothie Shop. The children were introduced to Sarah the volunteer from NatWest. She explained her role and what she does at the bank. The children were shown slides to get them thinking about: what money […]

100 Days of School Celebration

by | 3 Mar 2023 | Kingfishers, Maths

Kingfishers Class had great fun celebrating 100 days at school! To celebrate our 100 days of school, Mandy the school cook baked us a lovely cake! Thank you Mandy, it was delicious! The children had lots of challenges to complete in 100 seconds – Writing their name, seeing how many pegs they could put in […]

Pouring Punch

by | 7 Jul 2021 | Maths, Woodpeckers

Year 3 have been learning to measure volume and capacity. The children followed Mrs Sadler’s recipe to chop fruit and measure juices to create a delicious fruit punch. Yummy!

Marshmallow Models

by | 7 Jul 2021 | Maths, Woodpeckers

The Year 2s in Woodpeckers have been learning all about 3D shapes this week in Maths. We are able to describe the shapes using mathematical language such as faces, curved surfaces, vertices and edges. We built shapes using a variety of materials, including straws to represent edges and marshmallow to represent vertices! We also made […]

Measuring Angles

by | 6 Jun 2021 | Maths, Swans

This week the Swans have been using a protractor to measure angles. We decided to be a bit radical and use whiteboard pens to draw angles on the table and then measure them with a protractor – it was much more fun!

Darts (Maths) Fun!

by | 5 May 2021 | Maths, News, PE, Swans

The swans have been practising their number skills of doubling, trebling, addition, subtraction and multiplication by playing Darts! They had so much fun!  

The Mystery of the Missing Reindeer Bells

by | 1 Jan 2021 | Kingfishers, Maths

This week the Year One children had a mathematical mystery to solve. They were asked to solve the mystery of the missing reindeer bells. They had five clues to solve which involved counting, measuring, adding, subtracting and working with numbers to 100.  The children solved the clues and found out the elf who hid the […]

Christmas Elves Return

by | 12 Dec 2020 | English, Kingfishers, Maths

On Monday the children in Kingfishers Class found their classroom had been decorated ready for Christmas. They also found a present under the Christmas tree which contained Tinsel and Jingle the Christmas Elves. The children have enjoyed seeing what Tinsel and Jingle have been up to. They had written CVC words and graphemes on the […]

100 Days of School

by | 2 Feb 2020 | English, Kingfishers, Maths, PE, School Events

On Friday 14th February, Kingfishers Class celebrated 100 days of school. We started our morning with some fun facts about the number 100. We then remembered that it was also Valentine’s Day and we learnt about St Valentine and read the book ‘That’s Love’. Combining both themes, we challenged the class to write 100 hearts […]


by | 5 May 2019 | Art & Design, English, Environment, Kingfishers, Maths

This week the children in Kingfisher Class have been learning about Elmer and getting ready to celebrate his birthday on Friday 24th May. They have learnt about elephants and written a fact file and labelled the different parts of an elephant. They have made their own Elmer’s from recycled milk cartons. They have created Elmer’s  […]

Fun Fractions

by | 5 May 2019 | Kingfishers, Maths

This week the Year One children have been learning about fractions. The children became builders at the Primary Building Company. They were challenged to find half of a quantity. They had to weigh cubes (bricks), measure the wool (wood) and measure the water (for the cement). The children were able to use their mathematical knowledge […]