Mrs Marshall

Minsmere Trip

by | 6 Jun 2022 | Geography, Owls, Science, Trips

To tie in with our topic on Coasts, on Monday 20th June, Owls class went to RSPB Minsmere. In the morning, we went down to the shore and learnt about coastal erosion. We also did some beachcombing, trying to find all the things on our sheet. In the afternoon, we did a session on Habitats. […]

Constable Day

by | 6 Jun 2022 | Art & Design, History, Owls, Visits

To fit in with our whole school enquiry question “Why does Stratford St Mary fascinate historians?” we focused on what the village would have been like in John Constable’s time. We found out that John Constable was alive during the Georgian period. On Thursday 26th May, we did a walk around the village looking for […]

Contrasting Colours

by | 5 May 2022 | Art & Design, Owls

This half term, the Owls are developing their painting skills. So far we have explored texture and colour mixing. Our most recent lesson focused on contrasting colours. The children had to ‘overpaint’ their existing work with contrasting colours. They were able to achieve some great effects.

Lemon Battery

by | 5 May 2022 | Owls, Science

To mark British Science Week, and as part of our work on electricity, the Owls tried to see whether they could use lemons as batteries to light a bulb in a circuit. They worked together as a class to see how many lemons it would take to light the bulb and to make sure everything […]

Exploring Texture

by | 5 May 2022 | Art & Design, History, Owls

This half term, the Owls art focus is painting. For our first lesson, we explored using and creating different textures and then painting over them. Later in the term, the children will be creating their own textured versions of some of John Constable’s masterpieces, which will link together our learning in Art and History.

Owls French Cafe

by | 4 Apr 2022 | News

In French, the Owls had been learning some language for ordering food and drinks in a café. To practise what they had learnt, we created our own café in the classroom with real food and drinks. Certain children were waiters and took everyone’s orders. All the speaking, from the waiters and customers, had to be […]

Science Club

by | 2 Feb 2022 | Extracurricular, Science

Science Club, for Years 4 and 5, has been running for a few weeks now, and is proving very successful. The children are working towards their Crest Super Star award and are getting stamps in their Science passports for each challenge they complete. Challenges so far have included: building bridges out of paper and seeing […]

Recreating the Battle of Hastings

by | 2 Feb 2022 | English, History, Owls

In History, and in Literacy, the Owls have been learning about the Battle of Hastings. To help us understand what happened in the battle, we went outside and acted it out. We then re-created it with jelly babies!

Good Vibrations

by | 2 Feb 2022 | News

As part of our Science topic on Sound, the Owls investigated how sounds were made. By experimenting with ukuleles, rubber bands and rulers, we established that sounds were made by vibrations. We then made “telephones” out of cups and string, and tried to apply our scientific knowledge to explaining how they worked. The children were […]

Sound Scientists

by | 2 Feb 2022 | Owls, Science

This half term, in Science, the Owls are looking at Sound. To launch the topic, the children were challenged to come up with their own enquiry questions about sound. They were given access to a range of equipment and question maker resources. The children were very creative and intelligent in how they used the resources […]

Art Day in the Owls

by | 5 May 2021 | Art & Design, Owls

On Tuesday 25th May, the Owls had an Art Day, focusing on African printmaking. In the morning, the children used their sketch books to investigate African printmaking designs and develop some of their own. We looked at the common features that could be found in most African print designs (bold colours and shapes, repetitive patterns). […]

Modelling the Solar System

by | 5 May 2021 | Owls, Science

This term, the Owls are studying Earth and Space in Science. In one memorable lesson, we took our learning outside to try to make a scale model of the solar system. We used a football to represent the Sun and selected other spherical objects, ranging from a sprinkle to a small ball to represent the […]