Young Voices 2024

by | 1 Jan 2024 | Extracurricular, Music, News, Owls, Swans, Visits

On Friday 19th January, 20 children from Owls and Swans joined nearly 8,000 children from around the country, at the O2 arena, to take part in the Young Voices concert. The children performed with professional artists, including Urban Strides, Natalie Williams and Nandi Bushell. The children behaved wonderfully, performed flawlessly and were a real credit […]

The Curious Polar Bear

by | 12 Dec 2023 | Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers

The children joined Miss Jones for another book club session. This week’s story was ‘The Curious Polar Bear’. The children made polar bear biscuits and enjoyed putting a polar bear puzzle back together, which was a bit tricky!!! The polar bear biscuits were delicious!!!!

Book Club

by | 11 Nov 2023 | Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Owls

This half term the children in Year One, Two and Three have had the opportunity to participate in Book Club with Miss Jones. Miss Jones reads the children a story and then they enjoy doing an activity relating to the book. This weeks story was ‘Sparks in the Sky’. The children made chocolate sparklers and […]

Games Club

by | 9 Sep 2023 | Extracurricular, Kingfishers

Children from Year One and Two joined Miss Jones for games club. The children played a variety games, following the rules and taking turns. Lots of fun!

Netball County Final

by | 7 Jul 2023 | Extracurricular, Owls, PE, Swans

On Wednesday 21st June, a group of children represented our school in the netball county final. They played really well demonstrating good team spirit and skill. Thank you to Mrs Wyncoll and Mrs Allum for coaching and accompanying them to the tournaments.


by | 6 Jun 2023 | Extracurricular, Owls, Swans, Visitors

The children in Years 5 & 6 had the opportunity to take part in some Bikeability sessions. These sessions, which were delivered by John and Penny, taught the children some skills so they know how to keep themselves safe whilst out on their bikes on the road. All the children did extremely well.  Thanks John & […]

Science Club

by | 6 Jun 2023 | Extracurricular, Owls, Science, Swans

In the recent after school science club, the children experimented with different material to see which was the most effective to make ‘skittles’. Great fun was had by all.

Games Club

by | 3 Mar 2023 | Extracurricular

We had lots of fun at games club! The children worked as a team developing their communication skills, turn taking skills and listening skills. Great teamwork everyone!

Science Club

by | 2 Feb 2022 | Extracurricular, Science

Science Club, for Years 4 and 5, has been running for a few weeks now, and is proving very successful. The children are working towards their Crest Super Star award and are getting stamps in their Science passports for each challenge they complete. Challenges so far have included: building bridges out of paper and seeing […]

Games and Construction Club

by | 2 Feb 2022 | Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers

  The children all enjoyed games and construction club. They enjoyed playing and socialising with their friends.

Cooking Club

by | 2 Feb 2020 | Design Technology, Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers

The children were ready for their next cooking club session. The children listened carefully to instructions, washed their hands and put an apron on. This week the children made potato salad and jam swirls. They practised their cutting, mixing and spreading skills. Great cooking, we hope they were tasty!  

Pizza and Fruit Salad

by | 2 Feb 2020 | Design Technology, Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Owls

In cooking club this week the children created their own pitta bread pizzas. They selected the toppings they wanted on their pizzas and got busy cutting, spreading and sprinkling. They also made a colourful fruit salad. The pizzas and fruit salad looked delicious! Great work little cooks!