Fire and Bread

Mrs Martin told the children they were going to help make a fire. They discussed the fire triangle and how they need fuel, they needed to ignite the fire and they needed air. The children were asked to sort the sticks they had collected last week by the thickness of the sticks. The children listened carefully to the instructions and helped to build the fire. The children helped to light the fire using fire starters and dragon snot. While the fire was burning the children accessed the play dough, mud kitchen and painting using natural materials paintbrushes. The children also helped to put the dough on the sticks ready to cook. Mrs Clark and Mrs Martin cooked the bread and the children enjoyed watching. The children enjoyed tasting the bread with chocolate sauce, jam and honey. The finale to the session was ‘The Great Fire of London’  and the children worked hard together to put the fire out. Great teamwork Kingfishers

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