Forest Fun

This week the children enjoyed their Forest Fun session in the sun. They walked past the pond and decided to take a look. The were happily surprised to find a frog poking his head out of the water! They stood quietly and then another frog poked his head out! The children talked about frog spawn and what they thought frogs would eat. They decided to research more about frogs when they got back to the classroom.
During the session the children were given the task to use their senses. They told Miss Jones what their senses were and they were then asked to find a suitable area to either sit or lay outside. They used their senses to look, listen and smell what was around them. They drew a picture to show what they had seen, heard or smelt. They drew pictures of flowers, grass, trees, ladybirds and the wind.
When they got back to the classroom, Miss Jones found some information online about frogs and they watched a story about the life cycle of frog. The children sat engaged with the information and enthusiastic to learn more.

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