Forest Fun Fire

The children were looking forward to their final session of forest fun, which they knew would involve a fire. They made some dough with Miss Jones in the classroom and moulded it into their own shape.
The children then got their wellie boots on and followed Miss Jones and Mr Wheals out into the forest fun area. They told Mr Wheals the rules of Forest Fun and how to keep themselves safe.The children discussed with Mr Wheals what they would need for the fire and the children learnt that they needed to put kindling on first and then twigs with small branches and paper. The children helped Mr Wheals carry some thin sticks and helped build the fire. The children sat down on the stumps and listened to instructions given to them by Mr Wheals and Miss Jones. They understood that they had to be careful as Mr Wheals would be using matches and you must always have water to hand. They talked about the wind and how this can play an important role in a fire by helping to start one if it is blowing in right direction. The children listened carefully when they were told that they must keep themselves safe and they must never turn their back to the fire and they must take a step back away from the fire when leaving the area. The children followed these instructions for the entire session. Whilst the fire was catching light the children sat down quietly and ate their dough shapes and drank hot chocolate. The fire then got going, smokey at first but then it took hold and the children were able to toast their marshmallows on it. Mr Wheals also lit a disposable BBQ so that he could show the children how he cooks popcorn on a fire. The children waited patiently for the corn to begin popping and then tasted it once it was done, passing the bowl around and sharing it amoungst themselves. At the end of the session Mr Wheals put out the remaining fire with the water and the children listened carefully to the hissing sound. They all then said a big thank you to Mr Wheals. The children had a wonderful time at Forest Fun, listening to Mr Wheals and following instructions to keep themselves safe. They chatted lots about the fire and what they were eating and drinking and they all shared together. Well done Kingfishers. A fantastic last session!

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