Investigating the Transportation of Water

This half term, the Woodpeckers have been learning about the names and functions of the different parts of a plant (and what they need to grow well). In one of the lessons, they focused on the stem and learnt that its job is to transport water to the leaves. We wanted to find out if the speed of this process would be the same in different conditions. We used chrysanthemums and daffodils and put them into coloured water which had been dyed with food colouring. We placed the flowers in different conditions such as: by the heater, at room temperature and outside where the temperature was colder. We timed how long it took the stem to suck up the water and we were able to compare the results by investigating how long it took for the different petals of the different flowers to change colour. After one hour, it was clear that the flowers in the warmest conditions had changed colour the most. After 24 hours we looked again and saw that the flower by the heater had almost completely changed colour! The flowers at room temperature had partly changed colour but the flowers in the coldest temperature had not really changed at all! This showed that water is transported through the stem to the rest of the plant most effectively when plants are exposed to heat/ sunshine. The children enjoyed making their predictions and were excited to see the flowers changing to blue! Well done Woodpeckers.

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