Marvellous Mud

The mud kitchen was open for business today, for Kingfishers Class! They were all very excited and listened carefully to the mud kitchen rules. When they were outside and were playing with the kitchen they independently changed their shoes for welly boots and with adult support put on an apron. They dug the mud using trowels, spoons and other utensils and carefully transported the mud to their chosen dish or plate. They independently got water from the water butt, following instructions on how to turn the tap on and off and not filling the can too full. They poured the water, stirred the mud, patted the mixture down and separated it into cake cases, cooking tins, bowls and plates, whichever way they wanted too. There were fudge cakes on offer as well as mud pies for Mr and Mrs Twit. Some of the children wrote down their recipes using their phonetic knowledge. A good day in the mud kitchen!

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