Mummification Experiment Results!

Two weeks ago the children took part in an experiment. They wanted to find out if the mummification process actually worked and so they worked in pairs to mummify a tomato. They followed the same mummification steps as the Egyptians would have done with their Pharaohs. They measured the starting weight of the tomatoes before so they could compare it after the process. The tomatoes were then left for two weeks in their nitron salt. This week it was time to gather the results! The Woodpeckers observed the results of their experiment by removing the tomatoes from the nitron and weighing them again. The children predicted that the tomatoes would weigh less after the mummification process; as the nitron was supposed to absorb the moisture and dry them out. Most groups were successful in their experiment,- as their tomatoes weighed an average of only 25g after the two weeks, which was at least half of what it weighed two weeks ago! Most tomatoes were dry, hard and very wrinkled, but had no bad smell. However, some tomatoes (that had been closer to a radiator and had not been packed with nitron correctly) were still heavy, slimy and starting to smell. This showed that the mummification process, if followed correctly, was very successful in drying out the bodies, cleaning them and preparing them for the afterlife! The children have really enjoyed observing the various changes over the two weeks and predicting what was going to happen. Well done Woodpeckers!

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