Museum of East Anglian Life

On Thursday 7th November Kingfisher Class went on their trip to the Museum of East Anglian Life. The children were very excited when they saw they were travelling on a double decker coach. The children took part in their learning session. The children listened carefully to what Jo had to say. She asked them questions about the Great Fire of London and the children confidently answered them. The children were shown different artefacts from the Great Fire of London. They were told they had to be very careful with the artefacts as they were very delicate and old. The children were then given the task of making their own Tudor house. Once they had made their houses Jo put some of the houses on one tray – these houses were very close together representing the houses during the Great Fire of London. The second tray, Jo placed the houses with gaps in between. Outside Jo lit the houses on the trays to demonstrate how quickly the fire spread as the houses were so close together and how it didn’t spread when they had gaps between them. They children were fascinated by the experiment. Before lunch we went and looked at some of the exhibitions around the museum. The children enjoyed eating their packed lunch before exploring more of the museum where they got to sit at desks in a Victorian classroom! The children were all very excited on the way back to school as they got to sit on the top deck of the coach! Miss Jones was very pleased with all the children’s behaviour; we all had a really lovely day! Lots of fun and learning! A big ‘thank you’ to all the adults who helped on our trip. It is much appreciated.

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