Pen Pal Visit

The children were very excited as they were going on a trip to visit their pen pals at Eyke Primary School. The children really enjoyed the fact that they were able to see over the Orwell bridge! When they arrived at Eyke School, Ash class greeted them with banners. The children had the opportunity to chat with their pen pal while they had their snack. At break time the children explored the playground and going on the climbing frame. After break the children went on a hunt around their pen pals classroom looking for different items using the clues on their sheets. Once they had found an item they had to write a sentence to explain where the item was found. The children enjoyed having a picnic at lunchtime with Ash Class. After lunch the children were introduced to Brian and Daisey the Giant African Snails. The children had the opportunity to hold and stroke them. The children found out that the snails eat lots of different things from cucumber to dog biscuits. The children also learnt how to play rounders which they all enjoyed. Mrs Scopes read the children a story and then Kingfishers Class said goodbye to their pen pals and returned back to school on the coach. Thank you Ash Class for making us feel so welcome, we had a fantastic day. Well done Kingfishers you were all very well behaved.

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