Re-use and Up-Cycle

Eco-School themed week is ‘Waste Week’ with a focus on ‘up-cycling’. The whole school up-cycled a different item which may have just been thrown away. Woodpeckers up-cycled ceramic pots into bumble bees (which will be used for the Suffolk Show garden), Swans class designed and up-cycled old wellington boots into footwear of the future, under the label of ‘Trashion’ and Owls were involved in some team games which involved old newspapers and they also ‘potted on’ some  donated plants. The school attended an assembly and thought about what we throw away onto land-fill and what can actually be recycled and re-used. Compost continues to be a weekly eco-schools job and the school garden continues to ‘mulch’ especially around the fruity forest with cardboard (from delivery packages) and school produced wood chip.



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