Remembrance Day

Mrs Gage talked to the children about Remembrance Day. Mrs Gage then read the children a story called ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’. Mrs Gage showed the children a tin and told the children there was words in the tin from the story. The children tool it in turns to choose a word and they discussed the meaning of the words which helped them to understand the war further. The children were asked to draw round their hand, colour it red, add a black circle in the middle and cut it out to make their own poppy. Miss Jones arranged them in to a poppy wreath. In the afternoon the children made their own medals using shapes. The children drew round shapes and cut them out. The children wrote about something positive they had done this week on their medal. The children took it in turns to show their medal to the class and explained what they had earned their medals for. Great work Kingfishers.

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