Seeds, Ice and Frog Spawn

The children joined Mrs Martin for another Forest School session with Miss Jones and Mrs Clark. The children got changed into their outside clothes and headed out to the Forest Fun area. Mrs Martin talked to the children about planting seeds ready for summer. The Year Six children had already being planting some seeds and she wanted Kingfishers to plant basil, thyme and coriander seeds. Mrs Martin talked about daffodils and named the parts of the daffodils. The children played a game where they had to pretend to be squirrels and hide a handful of food in the wild area. They had to remember where they hid it as they were going to be asked to collect it again at the end of the session. They spotted a frog in the pond and frog spawn. The children also played den building, in the mud kitchen , daffodil painting, create their own ice bauble and exploring flowers in ice. Great work Kingfishers.

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