Spider Sculpture

The Year One children became ‘artists’ and thought about the question – Can we plan and create a sculpture as a class? The children were introduced to the artist Louise Bourgeois and the Maman sculpture made from bronze. The children were asked to give adjectives to describe the sculpture. (The sheer scale of the giant spider which is the same height as a double decker bus.) Miss Jones explained to the children that they were going to create their own class spider sculpture. The children planned their sculpture thinking about the features of the spider. They made the legs and body from struts – rolling quite tightly two pieces of paper rolled diagonally. They made the legs using ten struts – five for the upper leg and five for the lower leg and fastened them together with masking tape. They also used the struts to create the body. They then worked together to fix all the body parts together. Great work Kingfishers.

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