This week, Kingfishers Class have been learning about ‘Superheroes’ based on the story of ‘Supertato’. The children arrived at school to find vegetables tied up in the classroom. The children were asked to be Police detectives. They were told a crime had been committed by the Evil Pea in the classroom and the children were to write a police report about the evidence and possible causes. The children looked at the tied up vegetables and discussed them using adjectives. The children designed their own Super Vegetables to capture the Evil Pea!! They used their designs to make their creations. The children assembled their materials together and chose appropriate resources. They then designed a logo and slogan for their Super hero! They have created ‘Wanted Posters’ for the Evil Pea and helped the peas escaped from the jelly. In PE the children took part in ‘Superhero Training’. The children completed obstacle courses and got to the top of the climbing wall using their super powers. Great work Kingfishers, you are fantastic superheroes!!

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