Woodpeckers Build Houses For Different Climates!

Last week in DT, Woodpeckers had the challenge of designing and building houses to suit different climates around the world. First we took advantage of our schools’  den building area and built a shelter from the wind using sticks, bendy wooden canes and material. Next our challenge was to design and build a house to suit a particular climate.

One group had a hot climate, and built their house by weaving straws in and out to represent a bamboo structure. They gave their house plenty of windows to allow the breeze to come in and even thought about a fan to go on the ceiling. Another group had to design their house for a wet climate where it was likely to flood and decided to build their house on stilts with a ladder entrance so the house would not be spoilt in case of a flood.

The final group had to build a house for a cold and snowy climate and created an igloo- like structure with no windows and a small door to stop the cold wind coming in.  Miss Kluge was really impressed with our teamwork and reasoning skills!


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