Woodpeckers Learn About Greenhouse Gases.

This term, Woodpeckers class have been learning about the environment. We have learnt about climate change and the effects of greenhouse gases on global warming. We conducted an experiment to see how the greenhouse effect works. We built two Lego houses and put a block of ice inside each. We then put the houses in a tray each and wrapped cling film around one of them. The cling film was to represent¬† ‘a green house effect’. We put each tray in the sunshine and timed how long it took for the ice cubes to melt. The ice cube inside the green house environment melted the fastest and the other ice cube took twice as long to melt! We put our hand inside both trays and felt the difference in temperature. This showed us how greenhouse gases are making the world hotter which will impact climate change and global warming. Well done Woodpeckers!

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