Woodpeckers Test their Junk Model Lunchboxes!

Over the past couple of weeks the Woodpeckers have been learning the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunchbox’ as part of their DT. In the story, Mr Grinling receives his lunch every day via a zip line that runs from his house, across the sea to the top window of the light house where he works. Every day Mr Grinling has trouble receiving his lunch as it gets eaten by seagulls and spoilt in the rain. The task was to design and make a lunchbox from junk model materials in groups that would be more suitable fort Mr Grinling. The children decided it needed a handle to be able to zip down the line, a lid that closed properly so the seagulls couldn’t get in and it needed to be waterproof so as not to get spoilt in the rain. The children used cling film and tin foil to make their models waterproof. They used a variety of junk and craft materials for the handles and hinges including pipe cleaners, cable ties and other materials. The children made compartments inside their lunch boxes for the lunch .Today the class used role play to test the lunch boxes. String was was used as a zip wire, watering cans for the rain and the children threw beanbags at the boxes to represent the seagulls pecking at the lunch boxes. Some of the lunchboxes had been made strong, sturdy and waterproof enough to withstand this and others needed some improvements! The children came up with ways to improve their models and lots of learning and fun was had by all. Well done Woodpeckers!

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