A Mysterious Letter

The Woodpeckers have been comparing objects from the past in their History lessons (whilst learning about The Gun Powder Plot). The children have been comparing how we would send messages to somebody now, and how they would have been delivered in 1605. They learnt that technology helps us a lot now and was not around then. The children were very interested in how people used to write with a quill and ink in 1605.The children learnt that a mysterious letter was sent to Lord Monteagle (who was due to attend Parliament on November 5th) warning him not to go to the Houses of Parliament on that day as there would be ‘a terrible blow’. The letter gave no signature. The children learnt why the sender of the letter would want to remain anonymous and speculated about who could have sent the letter. Next, they tea stained some paper to make it look old and used quill feathers to have a go at using old fashioned handwriting styles to create their own mysterious letters. Excellent work Woodpeckers!

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