A Rather Regal Day Out

On Friday 8th November, Swans took a trip out to Framlingham Castle. We couldn’t resist a trip to the Castle on the Hill as Queen Mary I resided there in 1553. We had a good look around the castle, and the children were brilliant at looking at the evidence in the stone to decide what life had been like in the 16th Century. We discovered that the castle itself was built in the 1100’s, by the Bigods and had been passed down for centuries. It belonged to the Howard family in the 1500’s; a very powerful family led by Thomas Howard. Two of his nieces were married to Henry VIII himself! (Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard) Despite the cold and wet weather, we walked the castle walls and saw some of Suffolk’s finest scenery. The children had a great time, and learnt loads! Thank you so much to the adult helpers who gave up their day to join us!


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