Mrs Edwards

Murder Mystery in Swans Class

by | 3 Mar 2020 | Swans

Swans came in from break on Wednesday to find that an alarming crime had been committed in their classroom! An outline of a ‘body’ was found in the middle of the class, and the children (now members of the Stratford St Mary Police Academy) had to solve the clues that had been left around the […]

Science in Swans

by | 2 Feb 2020 | Science, Swans

This half term, Swans have been investigating properties and changes in materials as our Science topic. This week, they were given the question ‘Does the type of liquid used in a solution affect the solubility of materials?’ The children designed an experiment to test this, and conducted the whole thing themselves. They had to choose […]

A Rather Regal Day Out

by | 11 Nov 2019 | History, Swans, Trips, Visits

On Friday 8th November, Swans took a trip out to Framlingham Castle. We couldn’t resist a trip to the Castle on the Hill as Queen Mary I resided there in 1553. We had a good look around the castle, and the children were brilliant at looking at the evidence in the stone to decide what […]

The Terrible Tudors begin their Reign…

by | 11 Nov 2019 | History, Swans

The Terrible Tudors have begun their reign in Swans class this week, and the children have all been excited to get learning about one of the most influential families in British History. On Thursday 31st of October, we re-enacted the Battle of Bosworth- the last of the civil wars in the Wars of the Roses. […]

Sorting Shapes with Swans

by | 5 May 2019 | Maths, Swans

In Maths, Year 5 have been looking at properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We sorted lots of different regular and irregular shapes by their properties, such as number of sides, faces, angles and many more! The children had to decide on the categories for their Venn diagrams, and could explain why the shape belonged […]

Awesome Angles!

by | 5 May 2019 | Maths, Swans

Recently, we have been learning all about angles! The Swans had to find, measure and describe all of the acute, obtuse and reflex angles that were on their table. The children also completed the challenge of finding alternate, corresponding and vertically opposite angles- and could explain how they knew where they were! Well done Swans! […]

Spelling Bee Success

by | 3 Mar 2019 | English, Swans, Trips, Visits

On the 13th of March, 5 brave Swans ventured out to East Bergholt High School to compete in the Spelling Bee. The children had to compete against 9 other schools to spell a selection of words to score points. Our team was joined by a former Swan. The children were fantastic, coming third in the […]