Church Visit

As part of their topic,  Kingfishers Class went for a walk to the church to find out about different things in the village. The children were  able to follow instructions carefully and were very well behaved as they walked to the church. Reverend Rosalind met them at the church and welcomed them in. Reverend Rosalind asked the children why we have a church in a village? The children said to learn about god, to find out about the old days and to listen to stories about people and the past. Reverend Rosalind also asked the children what happens in a church? The children were able to tell her about funerals, baptism, weddings and that people pray in the church.
Reverend Rosalind set the children a task. She gave pairs of children a photograph and they were asked to look round the church and find the different items. The children looked carefully, discussing with their partner where to look. Reverend Rosalind discussed the different items round the church after they had found them. Thank you Reverend Rosalind for showing us around Stratford St Mary Church. We really enjoyed our visit.

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