Constable Day

To fit in with our whole school enquiry question “Why does Stratford St Mary fascinate historians?” we focused on what the village would have been like in John Constable’s time. We found out that John Constable was alive during the Georgian period. On Thursday 26th May, we did a walk around the village looking for evidence of Georgian architecture and imagining how the village would have looked similar and different in Constable’s time. The children captured any evidence of Georgian architecture that they found on I Pads. We then went to St Mary’s Church where we read some information about John Constable. We finished up in the churchyard sketching the view across the Stour Valley to Dedham, just as Constable once did.

In the afternoon, back at school, we painted our landscapes. We tried to emulate Constable’s painting style focusing on his varied use of brush strokes and texture. A fantastic day was had by all and the art work the children produced was very impressive.


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