Dental Nurse Visit

The Kingfishers Class welcomed a visitor to their class. The visitor introduced herself as Mrs Fisher a dental nurse. Mrs Fisher asked the children what they knew about teeth. She showed the children a set of milk and adult teeth.  She also asked the children if they could help her find her toothbrush, the children said yes, so Mrs Fisher put her hand in the box and picked out different brushes and asked the children if it was the correct one, in the end they found the correct brush. Mrs Fisher then got a giant set of teeth out of her box and a giant toothbrush. She showed the children how to brush their gums, teeth and tongue. She also reminded them not to rinse just spit. While Mrs Fisher showed them how to brush their teeth she taught the children two songs about brushing their teeth. Mrs Fisher then got her dinosaur puppet out and the dinosaur found healthy snacks in her bag. She told the children to eat more healthy snacks rather than too many sugary sweets. To finish Mrs Fisher read them a story – Dinosaur Douglas and the beastie bugs story. The children really enjoyed the story. Mrs Fisher left them a sparkly tooth sticker and a colouring sheet to take home to show their parents.

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