Earth Day in the Owls

To celebrate Earth Day, on 22nd April, the Owls had an off-curriculum day. We began by holding a class assembly where the children were introduced to this year’s theme, which was Restore The Earth. We spent a long time discussing the things that we, personally, could do to help to restore the Earth. We then went on to look about the idea of commitments and what it means to make a commitment. Each child made three commitments to do things that would help with restoring the Earth. We made mobiles to put them on.

Next, we designed T-shirts. There was a competition to see who could come up with the best design of a T-shirt that looked attractive, but also got the message of Earth Day across. 5 winners were eventually chosen. We ended the day by doing some collaborative art. Each child had to colour a section of a bee mural. We had to work together as a whole class to ensure that consistent colours were used throughout. The children really enjoyed their day, thought a lot about environmental issues and produced some very impressive work!

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