This year, Elmer the Elephant will be celebrating his 30th Birthday. As a school we have decided to be part of ‘Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk’ and help raise money for St Elizabeth Hospice.  We have pledged £750 to have our own sculpture of Elmer and be a part of a big community project. We will be holding lots of different events in school to help raise the amount and will host an Elmer Day to celebrate his birthday. In return we will have the opportunity to decorate our own Elmer which will take part in the ‘Big Parade Suffolk’. After the parade our ‘Elmer’ will be returned to school for us to display and keep forever. The parade will take place around Ipswich in the summer like the ‘Pigs Gone Wild Trail’ in 2016. Every child in school will decorate a part of Elmer.

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