Ground Force Day Digs In

It may have been a bit wet but it didn’t deter the handful of hardened gardeners who turned up on Saturday to do some tidying up in the school grounds.

It was a fun and productive few hours and we managed to clear the area where the compost bins are and get piles of leaves raked up. The borders in front of the classrooms have been weeded and dug over ready for new planting, as well as a tidy up in other places too.

Huge thanks to the volunteers who braved the weather and worked so hard to improve the school grounds.
We are so lucky to have such extensive grounds that the children can enjoy and learn in. Many schools don’t have anything like the sort of space we have so, although they do take a bit of looking after, we are very fortunate. We plan to have more Ground Force Days in future so we can continue to develop areas of the grounds – there is plenty more to do! We will keep you posted and hope that you can join us.

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