Ipswich Town Football Season Tickets Auction

Thank you to everyone who put in a bid for the season tickets—I am thrilled to say that Mr. Bloomfield purchased them for an amazingly generous amount, with the money going towards the library fundraising.

In addition to this generosity, Mr. Bloomfield has said that he can only use the tickets for a few matches and that they are available for other people to use on the following dates: 6th Dec, 20th Dec, 30th Dec, 31st Jan, 10th Feb, 21st Feb, 24th Feb, 7th March, 17th March, 3rd April, 11th April. Please let the office know if you would like to ‘borrow’ the adult and child season tickets for a match and they will be allocated on a first-come-firstserved basis.

We are also considering offering them to children as an incentive/ reward, but the difficulty there is knowing if the family can attend the match. So, if your child has had a great week in school, you might like to let me know before Achievement Assembly one week if you want the tickets to say ‘well done’ to them. Many thanks to Mr. Bloomfield.

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