Teddy Bears Picnic

Children from ABC Pre – School, Kingfishers and Woodpecker Class carried their teddies to the field for a teddy bears picnic. The children had their own box with sandwiches, sausage roll, carrot and cucumber sticks, grapes, bear biscuits and a carton of juice. The children ate their food and really enjoyed and the children all said ‘Thank you’ to Rachel for their lunch. After their picnic Miss Jones read the children a story called ‘We’re Going on a Bear’. The children joined in with the words and copied the actions. While Miss Jones was reading the story, Mr Leroux and Miss Kluge hid lots of bear pictures around the playground and field. The children were excited to find the bears, they searched everywhere, working together to find them. After they had found the bears, the children were split into three groups and had a turn at the following activities – Miss Jones- colouring bear activities, Mr Leroux – bear games and Miss Kluge- bear story telling. The children enjoyed doing all the activities. Fantastic afternoon, enjoyed by all the children and staff.


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