100 Days of School

On Friday 14th February, Kingfishers Class celebrated 100 days of school. We started our morning with some fun facts about the number 100. We then remembered that it was also Valentine’s Day and we learnt about St Valentine and read the book ‘That’s Love’. Combining both themes, we challenged the class to write 100 hearts with our thoughts on about how love is shown to us and how we can show love to our family, friends and the wider world. It is clear to see that Kingfishers are surrounded by lots of love! 😃 Maths was very active, all centred around 100! The children were in relay teams and had to frog jump in hoops and place a bean bag at the end , or weave in and out of skittles……all within 100 seconds. We then challenged ourselves to see how many star jumps we could do in 100 seconds and whether we could stand on one leg for 100 seconds. In the afternoon we had lots of challenges to complete – threading buttons on to the spaghetti and seeing how many we could get before our partner counted to 100; seeing how many pegs we could put in the boards with in 100 seconds; matching hearts by working out which pairs go together to make 100; building a tower of bricks to measure 100cm and putting wooden animals in a line which was 100cm long. To finish the celebrations, Rachel the school cook baked us a lovely cake! Thank you Rachel, it was delicious!

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