Rocket Seeds Take Off

We are very excited to be conducting an experiment with rocket seeds that have been on an incredible journey, having travelled all the way to space and back. Thousands of schools applied to take part in the experiment organised by the Royal Horticultural Society and the UK Space Agency so we are very lucky to be one of only a handful of schools in this region to receive the space seeds.

Last year the seeds travelled from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on the Soyuz 44S Rocket to the International Space Station. They stayed on board for six months and were looked after by British Astronaut, Tim Peake, before returning to earth this spring.

Now back on earth we have planted our seeds along with some that have been stored on earth. We don’t know which is which but we have had to mark them carefully and we are now recording details on our wall chart of how they germinate, the number of leaves and the height.

There is much excitement and speculation as to whether there will be a difference between the space seeds and the ones stored on earth.

The experiment runs for 35 days and then we will input all the details that we have recorded into the project website. Our results will be combined with those from other schools and will be studied by leading scientists.

We will keep you updated on the progress. Watch this SPACE!!

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