Anti Bullying Week: Pledges, Slogans and a UNIQUE Display.

For Anti-Bullying week we started the day with an assembly looking at the question: “Is this bullying?” the children were presented with different scenarios in which they needed to decide if it should be called bullying or not. We learnt that bullying can be words or actions to deliberately upset or hurt somebody else and it happens repeatedly over a period of time. We talked about how some bullies target children who are ‘different’ and we learnt that it was good to be unique! We were then split into our houses and had to come up with a pledge each to explain how we, as a house, were going to prevent bullying and celebrate our differences. Each house came up with an anti-bullying slogan and then created a paper doll to go into an anti-bullying display in the hall. The display will show all the children’s dolls holding hands. Each doll is  unique to each child and they are holding hands to show our school celebrating difference and standing together against bullying.


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