Miss Jones

Father’s Day

by | 6 Jun 2021 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

This week we have been busy thinking about our ‘Dads’ and Father’s Day. The children have participated in a range of activities. We can’t tell you what we have been doing because it wouldn’t be a surprise!

Beautiful Butterflies

by | 6 Jun 2021 | Kingfishers, Science

The children had a surprise waiting for them after lunch, the first butterfly had emerged from its chrysalis! The children made them some nectar water from sugar and water and gave the butterfly a segment of orange. They were all very excited! By the end of the week all five butterflies had emerged. The children […]

Pirate Pete’s Sandwich

by | 5 May 2021 | Design Technology, Kingfishers, News

The children were tasked with designing a sandwich for Pirate Paddy’s lunchbox, which they made last week. They discussed what fillings could go into sandwiches and what type of bread they could use. They thought about whether they were making healthy choices for Pirate Pete. The children got busy designing their sandwich. They labelled what […]

Bite the Shark

by | 5 May 2021 | English, Kingfishers, Visitors

The children in Kingfishers Classroom received a copy of ‘Bite the Shark’ from the author Nigel McGee. He wrote a special message inside the book for Kingfishers. The children really enjoyed the story. On Pyjamarama Day the children received at message from Nigel McGee the author of ‘Bite the Shark’. The children listened to the […]

Hero Stamp Design Competition

by | 5 May 2021 | Art & Design, Classes

The children were asked to take part in the Royal Mail’s Heroes Stamp Design Competition for their homework. The competition is to honour the heroes of the coronavirus pandemic. The children have been busy creating their stamp designs and we have lots of entries to send off. The children have created some fantastic designs. Fingers […]

Favourite Footwear Day

by | 5 May 2021 | Fundraising, JRSO, Kingfishers, Owls, Swans, Woodpeckers

Today was favourite footwear day. The children and staff wore their favourite footwear to school and donated £1 to Living Street. There was a range of different footwear. Thank you to everyone who took part and donated money. We have raised over £70 for ‘Living Street’.  

Walk To School Week 2021

by | 5 May 2021 | JRSO, Kingfishers, Owls, School Events, Swans, Woodpeckers

Thank you to all the children and parents who have taken part in Walk to School week. The children have enjoyed completing their ‘Walking Challenge Booklet’ on their walk to school. In the classroom the teachers have been recording how many children have been participating in walk to school week. Well done everybody, lovely to […]

Seaside Writing

by | 5 May 2021 | English, Kingfishers

The children were asked to look at the picture of the beach and write sentences about the picture. The children were encouraged to say the sentence first and then to write it using the word mats and phonic knowledge. Miss Jones was very impressed with the children’s writing. Fantastic writing Kingfishers.  

Pyjamarama Day

by | 5 May 2021 | Classes, English, Fundraising

On Friday 14th May, the children, parents and staff arrived at school wearing their pyjamas to celebrate Pyjamarama Day. During the day the children in Kingfishers Class enjoyed reading books in their pyjamas and designing new pyjamas. The children were asked to donate £1 to support The BookTrust. We raised over £85. The money raised […]

Fluffy Ducklings

by | 5 May 2021 | Environment, Kingfishers

Kingfisher Class visited the school ducklings this week. They showed great interest in them, asking questions and talking about what they looked like and what they were doing. We talked about what the ducklings needed and why they had webbed feet. We talked about where they would be going once they left school and what […]


by | 5 May 2021 | Art & Design, Environment, Kingfishers

This children went and visited the sensory garden which Miss Bailey is creating on the school field. Miss Bailey told the children she would like them to decorate a stone for the pebble river. The children were asked to think of and draw their design first. The children then got busy decorating their stones using […]

Caterpillars and Butterflies

by | 5 May 2021 | Kingfishers, News, Science

The children have been very interested in their caterpillars and are enjoying watching them grow. The children have been observing them and writing an entry in their caterpillar diary. They have been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and learning about the different parts of a butterfly. They also created symmetrical butterflies using paint. […]